Please Note

You can only apply to the Amsterdam Merit Scholarship (AMS) after submitting an application to one of the Master's programmes of the Graduate School of Social Sciences and receiving both your University of Amsterdam student number and master application case number.

You can start your scholarship application before receiving your notification of admission, but you will only be eligible to receive the scholarship after successfully enrolling in the Master's programme.

In addition to the documents provided here, the AMS selection committee will have access to your Master's application file and seek the advice of the respective Admissions Committee.

The deadline for application for scholarships starting in August/September 2019 is:

The application deadline is Tuesday, 15 January 2019 - 23.59 hrs (CET)

Personal details

Please note that only non-EEA nationals are eligible for the Amsterdam Merit Scholarship

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UvA Application

Please note that preparatory students first have to successfully complete the Preparatory Programme before being eligible to the Amsterdam Merit Scholarship. Admission to the Preparatory Programme is determined by the admissions committee on basis of the master’s application

Academic background

Motivation letter

Please formulate a statement of motivation in which you detail any information that you think the scholarship committee should know to help them assess why you would make an excellent Amsterdam Merit Scholarship candidate. Include extracurricular activities, any special circumstances, plans for the future and previous research experience.

Research questions

Please indicate topics of interest you wish to explore further during your time at the Graduate School of Social Sciences.

Financial Plan

As the Amsterdam Merit Scholarship is a partial scholarship, please indicate how you will fund your studies in the Netherlands



through own funding
through stipend
through funding by others

If you have been awarded a full scholarship, you are unfortunately no longer eligible for the Amsterdam Merit Scholarship

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