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This summer course is taught in English. An English proficiency test is not required, but students are expected to have the ability to read academic English texts, follow lectures in English, and to participate in discussions conducted in English.

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Other questions
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Please answer the following questions in your motivation statement:

1. What is it that you really want to understand about cycling and why? (250 words max)

2. Do you think a social science perspective is important for understanding cycling and why? (250 words max)

3. What unique view, skills, and/or background will you bring to the programme? (250 words max)

Reference Letter & Application fee

In order for your application to be marked "Complete," you must submit the following:

  • Letter of Reference
    One letter of reference by a qualified person (professor, employer). To be sent by e-mail directly from the referee to, clearly mentioning your full name.

  • Application fee
    The application fee is € 25. Within one week after you submit the application, you will receive instructions on how to complete the payment. 
    Applicants for the NUFFIC/KOP/MSP scholarship are not required to pay an application fee.



I hereby declare that all information in this application is truthful. I authorise the Graduate School of Social Sciences to verify my educational and professional credentials.