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the CEDLA Master's Programme
CEDLA Courses
BA 1. Understanding Latin America Today
BA 2. Politics and Protest in Latin America
BA 3. Latin American Visual Culture
BA 4. Brazil: Democracy, Citizenship and Culture
BA 5. Gender, Family and Social Mobility
BA 6. The Identity of the City
BA 8. Sexuality and LGBT Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean
BA 9. Tussen Tijuana en Ushuaia
MA 1. Socio-Environmental Changes in Latin America
MA 2: Memories Need to Swim
MA 3: Communities and Nature in Latin America
MA 4: Gender Studies in Latin America
MA 5. Sexuality and LGBT Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean


The cost for taking a CEDLA Bachelor course is €40.00 per credit, the Master courses cost €60.00 per credit. The amount due should be transferred to IBAN number NL51INGB0004990722, and made payable to Centrum voor Studie en Documentatie van Latijns Amerika, Amsterdam. Please make sure you also give your name and the title of the selected course with your payment transfer.


Master students registered at a Dutch university can participate in our courses for free. They are asked to fill out their bank details below, but will not be charged a registration fee. To confirm thier registration they should demonstrate a valid student ID at the secretariat during the first week of classes.


Tuition fee for the CEDLA Master’s Programme is € 3,500. Course fees for participation in the CMP should be deposited before 1 August. The amount for the CMP may also be paid in two installments. According to this option, the first installment of € 1,750 is due before 1 August and the second one before 1 December.